It’s me, alexandra!

The muse behind the melting pot that is Blonde & Blue Boutique. By profession, I am an interior designer. I spent 7 years specializing in residential design, ground up construction, kitchen and bath design, and custom furniture. I cultivated a successful career out of an unforgiving industry, and for that journey I am forever grateful. Eventually, my passion for residential design began to evolve and I started integrating my love of vintage furniture and treasure hunting into my 9-5 job. Although I was still doing residential design work full time, I decided to start my own business.

In 2015 I founded Blonde & Blue Boutique - a name I came up with while at the DMV. The lady behind the counter asked me what my hair and eye color was, and I answered “Blonde & Blue”. It resonated. I was looking for a business name that would serve as an umbrella, covering more than vintage home decor. I knew my brand would evolve into more, I just wasn’t sure exactly what it would be.

For the next two years I was successfully dealing in vintage home decor from Philadelphia to Boston. Life on the road chasing markets was fun, but I was ready to transition yet again. I loved vintage artifacts, but I wanted to do more than just sell them. In 2017, I purchased a vintage camper that inspired me to produce and direct my first stylized photoshoot “Indian Summer”.

As of 2019, creative directing, set design, and small business branding arrived at the forefront of Blonde & Blue Boutique. If you’re interested, stay tuned: I am capable of anything.

whether it be interior design consulting,
staging for a special event, or small business branding…
I would love to hear from you!

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